*16.05.81 Brazil

Giordano Bruno do Nascimento is a German composer, conductor and researcher.

He studied opera singing at the conservatory A. Buzzolla in Italy and holds his Bachelor’s, Master’s, postgraduate studies in composition at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar with Michael Obst and at the FHNW Basel with Johannes Kreidler.

Giordano has received numerous prizes, scholarships, and residencies, like the DAAD Prize, the Prize of the Opera Elect Company in Idaho, a residency at the Künstlerhof Schreyahn, the artist residency OP ENHEIM Warsaw and the artists and researchers residency at the ISELP in Brussels.

In the last six years, under his own musical direction, he has performed the operas “Lucie”, “Die Marmorpuppe”, “Die schöne Wahrheit” (Libretto by Lisa A. Mayer), “Global Players” (Libretto by Lisa A. Mayer) and “Die Wahrheitsschwestern” (Libretto by Amanda Lasker-Berlin) in Weimar, with very positive echoes in the press, especially at the NMZ (Neue Musikzeitung).

His chamber and orchestral works have been performed in several festivals in different countries: among others in Pan Music Festival in Seoul, DCMF in Daegu, Il Suono in Italy, Klangwerkstatt Berlin, Sao Paulo Contemporary Music Festival, B-Classic Festival Belgium, Paris, and at Berliner Pyramidale.

Since 2019 Giordano conducts the newly founded ensemble for early and contemporary music “Camerata Temporalis”.

Do Nascimento is working on researches about the “frontiers of the human voice in its definitions” within the framework of his doctorate at the HfMT Hamburg.