Opera in two acts
Libretto by Giordano Bruno do Lascimento

Premiere: 26.11.2014 / Theater Belvedere, Weimar

Die Marmorpuppe

Opera in three acts
Libretto by Giordano Bruno do Nascimento

Premiere: 06.01.2016 / Theater Belvedere, Weimar

Die schönere Wahrheit

Opera in three acts
Libretto by Lisa Astrid Mayer

Premiere: February 2017 / Weimar

Global Players

Opera in one act
Libretto by Lisa Astrid Mayer

Premiere: 19.10.2018 / Weimar

Die Wahrheitsschwestern

Opera in three acts
Libretto by Amanda Lasker-Berlin

Premiere: 25. 10. 2019 / Weimar


Opera in two acts
Libretto by Romina Nikolic

Premiere: 01.10.21 / Weimar


Pocket Opera
Libretto by Romina Nikolic

Premiere: Autumn 2021 / Boise, Idaho, USA

Frau Kempelens Sprechmaschinen

Musical Theater for singers, two AI-systems and ensemble
Libretto by Siri and Google Assistent

Premiere: April 2022 / Hamburg


Are you Phonocentric?

for video, electronic and performer (2021)
10 minutes

Premiere: April 2021 / Akut Festival, Basel

Tsasa Takuma

for ensemble, video and lights (2020)
15 minutes
fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn, tp, tb, perc, vc, db

Premiere: February 2021 / Antwerp, Belgium / Wind Ensemble I Solisti


for electronic
2 minutes

Yes, you are witches!

for electronic
5 minutes


Interface Factory

for trio and video (2021)
cl, cel, vc

Premiere: Autumn 2021 / Berlin / Ensemble Quillo

Kempelen’s Snaping Machine

for “snaping quartet” (2021)

Premiere: May 2021 / Intersonanzen Festival, Potsdam / Ensemble Quillo

Vis-à-vis (a)

for six hands piano
Premiere: June 2021 / Künstlerhof Schreyahn / Some Handsome Hands

Zona Temporis

for saxophone quartet (2020)

Premiere: September 2020 / Intersonanzen Festival, Potsdam / Fukio Quartet


for accordion and piano (2020)

Premiere: June 2021 / Weimar / Duo Schneider-Kuhn


for clarinet quartet (2020)

Premiere: 2022 / Madrid / Llevant quartet

Die Prophetin

for Soprano and Accordion (2020)

Premiere: October 2020 / Stuttgart / Duo Stock-Schneider


for string quintet and harpsichord (2020)

Premiere: September 2020 / Arnstadt / Ensemble Camerata Temporalis


for Soprano and Ensemble (2019)
fl, cl, pno, sop, vl, vla, vc

Premiere: November 2019 / Rome / Rome Philharmonic Academy

Der Großvater

for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone (2019)

Premiere: August 2019 / B-Classic Festival, Genk, Belgium / Ensemble I Solisti

Amuse Bouche

for Countertenor and Ensemble (2020)
7 minutes
counter, harpsichord and string quintet


for piano trio (2020)

Premiere: Autumn 2021 / Amsterdam


for Ensemble and Video (2019)
fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn, tp, tb, perc, vc, db

Premiere: September 2019 / Genk, Belgium, B-Classic Festival / Wind Ensemble I Solisti


for trio (2019)
cl, acc, vc

Premiere: Oktober 2019 / Erfurt / Ensemble Via Nova


8 minutes
fl, tpt, vl, vla, db

A commission of the Gedenkstätte Lindenstraße for the Kammerakademie Potsdam

Premiere: 27th June 2019 / Potsdam / Kammerakademie Potsdam

Der Häftling

for renaissance flute consort and soprano (2019)
5 minutes
soprano, 8 renaissance flutes

Premiere: 19th April 2019  /Weimar / IFAM Ensemble (Institut für Alte Musik)

O Gugu

for Soprano, Tenor and Ensemble (2019)


for flute, clarinet, violin and cello

Premiere: July 2017 / Città di Castello, Italien / Ensemble Via Nova

Düstere Fantasien

for sax and harp (2018)
6 minutes
a sax, hp


for mixed quartet (2018)
7 minutes
fl, perc, pno, vc

Premiere: 21st December 2018 / Cologne / Ensemble hand werk


musical dialogue in one act
for soprano, alto and ensemble (2014)
11 minutes
soprano, alto, fl, cl, hn, tpt, timp, perc, acc, strings

Premiere: June 2015 / Gotha / Philharmonic Orchestra of Thuringia

Private Cam

for two handed piano (2018)
6 minutes
pno/2 players

Premiere: 18th November 2018 / Berliner Pyramidale, Berlin / Sawami Kiyoshi and Antonis Anissegos

Peter und der Poltergeist

for mixed ensemble (2018)
7 minutes
fl, cl, pno, acc, vl, vc

Premiere: 12nd October 2018 / Pan Music Festival, Seoul / LJNM Thuringia


for percussion solo and mixed ensemble (2017)
8 minutes
2fl, 2cl, 2perc, pno, acc, 2vl, 2vc

Premiere: 16th February 2018 / Opening Festival, Trier / Ensemble der Länder

Pop – U – Listen (Collision)

for duo (2017)
6 minutes
acc, vc

Premiere: 3rd August 2017 / Erfurt / Ensemble Via Nova


for mixed quintet (2018)
8 minutes
fl, ob, cl, pno, vc

Premiere: 19th July 2018 / Weimar / Ensemble Recherche


for mixed quartet (2018)
7 minutes
fl, cl, vl, vc

Premiere: 11th November 2018/ Klangwerkstatt Festival, Berlin / Ensemble Junge Musik


for Ensemble (2019)
7 minutes
nay/ alto nay, ob, chang, tambur/sato, vl I, vl II, vla, vc

a commission for the ensemble Omnibus

Premiere: 24th April / Festival Weimarer Frühjahrstage, Weimar / Ensemble Omnibus

Tripple Collision

for flute, accordeon and cello

Premiere: October 2017 / Sondershausen


for clarinet

Auf der Suche nach dem verlorenen Aether

for flute, clarinet, accordeon, violin and cello

Premiere: October 2016 / Weimar

Licht, wo gehen wir hin?

for three violins

Premiere: November 2014 / Weimar

Speed Picking

for e-guitar with 7 strings and cello

Menschliches Verwesen

for live electronics, three violins and viola

Buzzing the Buzzer

for horn and accordeon

Lux, lux nostra

for string quartet

Lux, lux nostra

for string trio

Der Entenführer

for horn, trumpet and trombone

Milch des Mondes

for chamber ensemble

Die Toten fahren über’s Meer

for 8 flutes and accordeon

Im Schatten deines Ichs

for clarinet, piano, violin and cello


for clarinet, accordeon, violin and cello

Ich… ich… Ich wollte dir nur sagen…, dass…

for alto saxophone

Weihnachtliche Geschichte

for cello and piano

Der Geist ohne Gesicht

for clarinet and piano

Deutsche Samba für einen gestörten Sopran

for soprano and piano

Düstere Fantasien

for two harps and alto saxophone

Die Mondaugen der dunklen Fee

for veeh-harp and xaphoon

Über den Schmerz und andere wilde Tiere

for saxophone quartet

Blue Light

for jazz voice and ensemble


for guitar and saxophone


for solo violin

Thank you for traveling with DB

for accordeon and rubber pigs



for symphonic orchestra (2020)
10 minutes
2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2bn, 4hn, 2tpt, 3tbn, tb, timp, 2perc, hp, strings

Premiere: April 2022 / Sondershausen / Orchestra of the Nordhausen Theater

Still Alive

for symphonic orchestra (2020)
1 minute

Premiere: Summer 2021 / Leipzig / MDR Symphonic Orchestra


for symphonic orchestra (2019)
6 minutes

Premiere: 28th November 2019 / Leipzig / MDR Symphonic Orchestra

Le Cultivateur

for orchestra and mezzosoprano (2019)
6 minutes

Premiere: 26th January 2020 / Remiremont, France / Saint-Dié-des-Vosges Symphonic Orchestra


for saxophone and orchestra (2019)
10 minutes

Premiere: 2017 / Gotha / Philharmonic Orchestra of Thuringia

Other Performance: October 2019 / Sao Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil / UNICAMP Symphonic Orchestra


for chamber orchestra (2018)
8 minutes
2fl, ob, 2cl, a-sax, pno, acc, 6vl, 2vla, 4vc, db

Premiere: 22nd June 2018 / Daegu, South Korea / DCMF Chamber Orchestra


for violin and orchestra (2019)
30 minutes
2fl, 2cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, tb, timp, perc, pno/cel, strings

Premiere: 25th January 2019 / Gotha / Philharmonic Orchestra of Thuringia

Dein verdecktes Dasein

for small orchestra

commissioned by Landeskapelle Eisenach

Premiere: 16.04.2015 / Georgenkirche Eisenach

Der Skeptiker und der Konformer

for orchestra and baritone

Premiere: October 2016 / Theater Rudolstadt

Nemesis Requiem

for string orchestra


Small Talk with Andy

for piano solo (2020)
5 minutes

Premiere: 2021 / Basel

Another Small Talk with Andy

for flute solo (2021)
5 minutes

Premiere: 2021 / Carin Levine

Assembly Line

for percussionist (Marimba, Vibraphone and Bass drum) (2020)
5 minutes

Premiere: 2021 / Holland / Konstantyn Napolov

Me, Me and myself

for bass clarinet solo (2019)
6 min 25 sec

a commission of the Intersonanzen Festival for the Uroboros Ensemble

Premiere: 1st June 2019 Intersonanzen Festival, Potsdam / Ensemble Uroboros

Gudrun und die Dunkle Fee

for accordion solo (2017)
7 minutes

Premiere: 27th October 2017 / Festival Intersonanzen, Potsdam / Neza Torkar


for viola solo (2018)
6 minutes

Premiere: 2nd June 2018 / Intersonanzen Festival, Potsdam / Ralph Günthner


for clarinet solo (2017)
7 minutes

Räjmend und der Polterpeter

for piano solo (2018)
4 minutes


Mater est primus numerus

for mixed choir and cello (2020)
6 minutes
choir (SSAATTB), vc

Premiere: June 2021 / Weimar / Kammerchor der HfM Weimar

Solo il Sole

for duet (2017)
5 minutes
soprano, baritone

Premiere: 30th September 2017 / Basel / Christina Simolka and René Wohlhauser


for vocal ensemble a capella (2018)
10 minutes
3 soprano, 3 mezzo, 3 tenor, 2 baritones, bass

Premiere: 6th April 2018 / Weimar / Phonix16


for mixed choir (2018)
6 minutes
choir (SATB), pno

Premiere: June 2019 / Weimar / Kammerchor der HfM Weimar


for mixed choir (2018)
5 minutes
choir (SATB), pno

Premiere: 5th July 2018 / Weimar / University Choir Weimar

Das Flüstern des Lichts

for mixed choir a capella (2020)
5 minutes
choir (SATB)

Premiere: March 2021 / Sankt Petersburg, Russia / Chorino Chamber Choir

Das Sabbertier

for children choir (2020)
5 minutes
choir (SSA), pno

Solo il sole

for soprano and bariton solo

Premiere: 30.09.17 / Basel, Schweiz

Where the rain burns

for choir

Premiere: June 2010 / choir of BTU Cottbus

Tfnas ‘Hur

for choir

Premiere: October 2010 / Cottbus

In those insane black tears

for soprano and piano

Ruh‘ Sanft

for soprano and piano

Das Flüstern des Waldes

songs for bass accompanied by piano and two clarinets

Film music

Glumov’s Diary

for mixed septet (2018)
5 minutes
fl, cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, perc

for the movie “Ein Schuss Grand Marnier”

Premiere: 25th August 2018 / Antwerp / Ensemble I Solisti

Theater Music

Kaltes Herz

for ensemble

commissioned by Clubtheater Weimar




Cellokonzert von Edward Elgar

for viola and string orchestra

Allegretto Scherzando aus Sonatinen op.44 von Hanns Eisler

for orchestra

Themen aus dem Rheingold und Götterdämmerung von R. Wagner

for quintet

Enter Sandman von Metallica

for accordeon orchestra