A dramatical talent… …his opera excites, because it’s sincere, richly orchestrated and composed dramaturgically effectual.

25/11/14, Thüringer Allgemeine, Ursula Mielke

…strong spirited and explosive.

31/08/16, Liszt Magazin, Ute Böhner

Between metal and opera…
…he is forging the perfect fusion between power and opera.

March 2017, MDR – Nächste Generation, Yasmin Vorndran-Ahmadiar

Giordano Bruno do Nascimento is for me one of the most impressive musical discoveries of recent years…

02/01/2020, Online Merker, Olaf Schnürpel

The Brazilian composer is strongly able to write for voices. He shows it a lot in his music without inhibitions. While his study life in Weimar, Giordano Bruno do Nascimento apparently enjoyed a lot the finest orchestration arts from Strauss until Henze.

22/10/18, NMZ – Neue Musikzeitung, Roland H. Dippel

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